IB Visual Arts Final Show

TASIS Art, Photography, and Architecture/Design students held their IB Visual Arts final show April 16-18, 2016.

This final exhibition, spread across the Palestrina, the Palmer Cultural Center and the Horst Dürrschmidt Gallery in the Śahenk Fine Arts Center is the culmination of the students' IB Art experience. Students presented a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defended and articulated their purpose and intention in a written rationale. The exhibition represents 40% of final grade awarded.

A busy and often challenging day of moving screens, creating installations, placing and hanging pictures and models saw an abundance of good humor with students and teachers collaborating closely to get the show ready for the opening.

The exhibition remained open for three days. During that time the show receive a variety of visitors from both TASIS and members of the local community, and was also assessed and marked.

Click on any image below to view the photographs in a slideshow. For more information about the TASIS Visual Arts Program please visit the TASIS website. Click here for more information about the 2016 IB Architecture and Design students' work.

The TASIS Spring Arts Festival runs from May 20 - 22, and all the Visual Arts students will be displaying work along with Sunday workshops, and musical/dramatic performances throughout the weekend. The Spring Arts Festival program will be posted soon!