Drawing and Painting


Drawing and painting introduces beginning students to art fundamentals. No prior background in art is required. A skills-based course, it focuses on learning how to draw and paint from observation. Students work with a variety of subject matter, including still life, landscape, architectural spaces and buildings, and portraiture. In the fall, the course focuses on drawing with black and white media such as pencil, ink, and charcoal, and then progresses to color drawing media such as pastels. In the spring, the course focuses on painting media such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil.

The gallery below represents only a small portion of Drawing and Painting from the past few years. This gallery will be updated with more current pieces in the coming months. Click on an image and you will be taken to a full screen view, and if you hover over the artwork, the artist's name will appear.

Student Work (2015-2016)

Older work