The IB Visual Arts Final Exhibition featured students displaying Architecture and Design models and drawings, at both Higher and Standard Level. The models shown included Alessandro Scavia's Italic Classicism for his city of Saturnia, and Svetlana Esmukhanova's classical Art Museum in Milan; the shapes of Waves (Margherita de Flammineis); the technique of Lamination (Lucas Cimino); Light, Shadow (Maria Clara Oliani, Sofia Buzzonetti); Natural Materials and Organic Architecture (Paul-Wilhelm Noelle); Cars (Alessia Gal-Peviani); and "Fireflies: Black Cities" (Victoria Valiati). All considered, the students did a great job meeting the multiple challenges of the new IB Exam Upload. They did a good job documenting their "journey" and their "process" as they completed their models and drawings over the two years of the course.