Photography 2 Class: Website Designers

                                                Photography 2 Class: Website Designers

This website was begun as part of the Lighthouse Project in the spring of 2012. Approximately ten different technology initiatives were funded by the Lighthouse Project. The TASIS Visual Arts website was begun for a couple of reasons. First of all, Photography students in today's world need to learn how to showcase their work and prepare images for online viewing. The second reason is that TASIS needed a better way to showcase the amazing artistic talents of its students.

 This website took a few months of work to design, and all major decisions were made by the five students in the Photography 2 class. Once the class was into the task, they quickly learned it takes an intentional workflow to produce a website with understandable navigation and consistent presentation.

Each student had assignments with one student taking the lead on the entire project, Tudor Craciun '13. Tudor read through books on html and played with the Squarespace interface until he figured out how much of the site worked. Every student, however, discovered little tips and tricks as they explored the Squarespace software. Each student was initially responsible for different sections and picking artwork, contacting the other art teachers, and even setting up studio time to photograph pieces.

As with many websites, this will be a work in process, and the class will continually update and replace with new and more current artwork.