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 AP Studio Art - 2D Photography (2018 - 2019)

The photographs below were included in the 2018-2019 AP Portfolio. Below are five examples of their concentration submissions. To view the thumbnails, simply click on the image. Click outside the image to return to this page.

Megan Chen '20 - Can a still image tell a story?

Eleonora Comelli '19 What importance is color (specifically red and blue) in an image?

Kaan Dogan '20 What is the importance of negative and positive space/symmetry in architectural photographs?

Max Eremeev '20 How is High Dynamic Range used in images, and what genre does it work best?

Stivan Ivanov '19 Abstract photography with strong elements of line/contrast

Paulina Karstens '21 How can a person make the ordinary - extra-ordinary and interesting in a photograph?

Kazu Nakanishi '20 Experimenting with patterns and repetition in street photography

Maddie Ringelstein '20

Zoe Song '20 Exploring Milan, Italy with lines, repetition and perspective

Sanne Van Leeuwen '21 How can one take the viewer into a photograph? Experimenting with perspective and vanishing point in an image.

Desiree Wilkenson '19 What is the difference between pattern, repetition, and rhythm in a photograph?

Annabelle Worrell '20

Kelly Zhao '20 Experimenting and creating photographs with vibrant and saturated colors.