Photography 2

Students who have completed Photography 1 (or an equivalent photography class) are eligible to take this course. The course concentrates on improving photography skills, digital art techniques, and advanced image manipulation. All students will finish the course with a portfolio of their images. Images are manipulated using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

The students included in the gallery below designed and created this Visual Arts website. To view the thumbnails, simply click on the image. Click outside the image to return to this page. Click on the first image in the photo gallery and view the slideshows.

Tudor Craciun

I discovered photography when I was sixteen, and my parents bought me a camera. I wanted a camera because I was always shooting with other people's cameras, and I was began thinking that I was kind of good at it. I'm from Romania, and I cannot really say that photography is a very developed domain to work in there. Since I came to TASIS my whole attitude towards photography has changed because I have learned new techniques and ways to create photographs. I hope I will continue to work with photography, and that my work will improve even more. Enjoy my images below.

If you would like to see some more of my work, click on the 500px link below.

Taylor Tomasso

I am from Washington, DC and  a senior at TASIS. I started enjoying photography because of my dad, who also has a hobby for it. We both have the Nikon D300 and share lenses and cool new settings that we discover. I hope to go to college to study photojournalism and work for National Geographic and travel the world. My favorite things to photograph include nature and people, especially the children I meet during my mission trips to Nicaragua. When I came to TASIS my photography and Photoshop improved, and I am able to travel and explore new techniques. 

Sami Hercules

I am from Sandy, Utah and have been doing photography for five years. And, although I have only been in the program for two years (10th grade and 12th grade) it has always been my favorite thing to do. I first started because of my older sister, who loved to take pictures and use all of my family as models. One time she let me go behind her camera and take pictures of the family as well, and I have been in love with it since then. 

Miller Marcus

I am a sophomore from Orange County, California. This is my first year at TASIS, I started photography my freshman year when I was forced to take a visual arts class. From there, I fell in love with taking photos of my everyday life and what I do throughout the year. A lot of my pictures are taken with my iPhone, and some with my point and shoot camera. My sister took our Cannon Rebel off to college, so I am forced to use mediocre equipment. Anyway, I really like working Photoshop, and I love abstract pictures and creating image that are super random. 

Yu Kanamaru

I am from Tokyo, Japan. This is my second year of taking a photography class, and I appreciate shooting some pictures in my free time. I personally like to take black tone photographs and especially in the night. It is because I can see the contrast between the darkness and the light easier than the daytime. Hence, I think about how the light comes into the picture and how this light effects the object's shades while I'm shooting them.