Sebastião Salgado - an exhibition and encounter!

Each year TASIS photography students study and report on different photographers - past and present. It is no surprise that many of the Brazilian students choose to report on Sebastião Salgado, a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist. This fall there were two trips to Milan to view Salgado's exhibition at the Palazzo della Ragione.  

Sebastião Salgado might be one of the most important documentary photographers of our time. His exhibition, Genesis, includes more than two hundred photographs from the tropical forest of the Amazon, the Congo, Indonesia, and New Guinea to the glaciers of Antarctica, and the deserts of Africa. Genesis is a photographic journey across five continents with beautiful black and white images. The students who were lucky enough to get a seat on the van said "it was an amazing exhibition - there were almost too many photographs to take in."

As it happens the exhibition also opened in Brazil this past month, and former TASIS student Pietro Lago sent a photograph of himself with Selgado and his wife. Lucky guy!