New Fall eTASIS feature Alumni Artists

The most recent issue of eTASIS features 12 alumni who are working artists or in college/university finishing up a degree in the visual arts. There are many more than were featured in the article, and we hope more of you will now send us information about your work and advice to current TASIS visual arts students. We have started a new page on this site for Alumni to share their websites and examples of work. Please send any information to Please take time to read the Fall eTASIS and see what  TASIS alumni are busy working on.

TASIS alumni included in the eTASIS article include:
Patricia Schmidt '04 - fashion designer
Evin Sahin '14 - studying business & photography
Gianna Dispenza '08 - painter & sculptor
Matt Schultz '08 - architect
Ginger Gentili '11 - photographer, photography director, & screenwriter
Chiara Ravaioli '13 - studying spatial design
Sina Mueller '12 - studying graphic design
Stephan Jeanpierre '08 - photographer, designer, & digital filmmaker
Fiona Struengmann '05 - photographer & creative director
Robin Gilli '08 - photographer & videographer
Mila Zanecchia '08 -  photographer & videographer
Alex Zanechhia '02 - musician & composer