AP Tests Results and More!

The AP scores are in, and TASIS students did very well. TASIS Visual Arts students received 7 (5s), 6 (4s), and 3 (3s). This year over 28,000 students took the Studio Art 2D Design test with 17.1% receiving a 5, 28.8% (4), 32.4% (3), 17.4% (2), and 4.3% (1). Some of the work of the TASIS AP Photography class can be viewed here. More work from the 2014-2015 school year will be added in the coming weeks.

Alumni artists in the news include Luca Marziale '08, photographer who exhibited work at Art Basel in June and Fiona Struengmann '05 who had a late May photography exhibition at Photo London.

Gianna Dispenza '08 also had an exhibition this June in Beirut.  Gianna was also been featured in Majestic Disorder, a London-based is an arts and culture print and online magazine and design agency whose focus is globally driven focusing on cultural topics, fashion, public affairs, and stories about artists across all mediums. Read the Majestic Disorder article here.