Photography and Words - Powerful Companions

Images and words can awaken our emotions, quicken our minds,and tell the stories of our lives.

While each trip returns from Academic Travel with a collective story, it is the individual stories and perspectives that make this experience so special. After a week in far-flung places around the world, students and teachers linger in the De Nobili dining room discussing their memories. Most advisors open their Monday advisor meeting with “Well, how was your trip?”

Photos help everyone remember both collective and personal memories. During last month’s trips, Photography 1 students were asked to be thoughtful with a few of their images, focusing on composition whether using a DSLR or their smartphones. Once back in class, students created a picture-story, or pictory.

The pictory concept began in December 2009, when graphic designer Laura Brunow Miner created the website Pictory to showcase photo stories – remarkable images and poignant words – based around various themes. Photographers from around the world sent in submissions which Miner curated into group essays. The 40+ Photography 1 students drew on the archives of this site for inspiration, and some of their work is included in the Academic Travel Spring 2014 ebook. 

Click here to see the  2014 Academic Travel ebook .

Click here to see the 2014 Academic Travel ebook.