Comtemporary Swiss Ceramics Exhibition.

The upcoming Contemporary Swiss Ceramics exhibition in Mendrisio will include work by TASIS Ceramics faculty, Brigit Hurst. The opening is this Saturday, March 23, and the show will continue until June 23. Of the numerous Swiss artists who participated in a competition, sixty-six were selected and will be displaying their artwork. Eight of the ceramicists are from Ticino, including Brigit Hurst.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.18.15 PM.png

The extensive exhibition includes different sideshows with artwork by local artists and graduate students of Swiss art colleges. There will also be a smaller Contemporary Italian Ceramics exhibit.

The last time this event took place in Ticino was in 1985, so it’s a rare opportunity to experience a wide range of contemporary ceramics in different locations in and around Mendrisio. It is a very prestigious and an honor to be included in the show.

If any students are interested in seeing the exhibition, but are traveling during spring break, there will be a TASIS cultural trip on April 17th to visit the main ceramics show in the Museo d’Arte di Mendrisio.

Download the Exhibition Brochure here.

Congratulations Ms. Hurst!