Kim Nelson


I have been taking photographs since I was in elementary school and received my first 110 instamatic. My father always had the latest and newest model camera, and as a teenager I loved to go into his "camera closet" and play around with his Poloroids, Leicas, and Canon cameras. With every single job I have had, I have managed to make photography a part of it. I was a camp director for many years, and I shot all my promotional photographs. But it was not until  1993 I was able to make photography my fulltime job when began teaching photography at Shattuck-St. Mary's school. Then at TASIS in addition to teaching digital photography, I shoot all parts of life at TASIS. I guess you could call me  the campus photojournalist.

Photography for me is like breathing. I cannot walk to school or basically anywhere without seeing photographs. I ask my students to 'watch the light', and I am fascinated by the play of light. A shadow, a backlight silhouette, the blue light of twilight, the catchlight in a person's eye, and even the green glow from the exit signs coming from the different campus buildings at night, it all fascinates me.

My real connection with photography right now, however, is not about my personal work. What I love most about photography is teaching the subject. There is nothing I like more than to see students bring in photographs that make me shake my head in wonder. I love being part of helping people to see things and then being able to capture them on film or sensor. My mantra is to collect, connect, and create. My students have never failed to do all three, and that is what gets me excited about photography right now. 

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