Simona Bellini Exhibitions and Projects

2015Collective exhibition “Rumori d'acqua”, Lungolago Maroggia, CH
2015Collective exhibition “Transit”, Sala delTorchio, Balerna, CH
2014 Collective exhibition “Armonie di terra”, Satura Art Gallery, Genova, IT
2013 Collective exhibition "Art in Mendrisio" historic core of Mendrisio CH
2013 Collective "I with the other" in collaboration with Autism Swiss Italian Dining Patriziale, Bellinzona CH
2013 Collective "So close so far" Mosaic Gallery, Chiasso CH
2013 Collective exhibition "Ceramics contemporary Swiss" Museo d'Arte Mendrisio CH
2013 Bi-personal with Tom di Santo "Colors in town" Space Architect, New York USA
2013 Bi-personal with Tom di Santo "Colors in town" Baby Grand Gallery, New York USA
2012 Bi-personal with Tom di Santo "Colors of Season" Vina Robles, Paso Robles, California USA
2012 Bi-personal with Tom di Santo "Colors of Season" Gallery Mosaic, Chiasso CH
2012 Bi-personal with Tom St., Steynberg Gallery San Luis Obispo, California USA
2011 collective "Small Works" Asif Studio Gallery, Grass Valley, California U.S.A
2011 collective, Officinaarte Magliaso CH
2011 Bi-personal with Alessia Bervini Galleries Am Schanzengraben 15 Zurich CH
2010 Personal "Anime Bianche" deconsecrated church St. John the Baptist, Gnosca CH
2009 Collective "Stelen auf dem Zürichberg" Org. Galerie Marie Louise Wirth, Zurich CH
2009 Collective "HOPE" A strip of hope c / o Ex Baths, CH Stabio  Performance "And in an instant it is all over"
2009 Collective "A thousand artists at the Palace" Palazzo Arese Borromeo, Cesano Maderno, I
2008 Collective "MEART" Sculpture Exhibition, Mendrisio CH
2007 Staff Sala del Torchio, CH Balerna
2007 Collective Municipal Palace Riva S. Vitale CH
2006 Collective "MEART" Sculpture Exhibition, Mendrisio CH
2006 Collective "The Enchanted Garden" Archives Gathered women, Melano CH
2005 Personal, Galleria La Loggia, Carona CH
2004 Collective "MEART" Sculpture Exhibition, Mendrisio CH
2004 Collective, 50th Lions Club Lions Club Mendrisio Mendrisio CH
2002 Collective Art Ville Bistro, Lugano CH
2002 Personal Studio Carenini, Bellinzona CH
2001 Showcases UBS UBS via Praetorian, Lugano CH
2000 Collective, Raiffeisen Bank Castel S. Peter CH
1996 Publication of "Blue Bird flies" publishing project of Space Clan-destyn with poems by Franco Beltrametti
1994 Collective Gallery Züst, Rancate, CH