This year's IB Visual Arts Exhibition featured 9 students displaying Architecture and Design models and drawings, 7 at Higher Level. The models shown included Alessandro Scavia's Italic Classicism for his city of Saturnia, and Svetlana Esmukhanova's classical Art Museum in Milan; the shapes of Waves (Margherita de Flammineis); the technique of Lamination (Lucas Cimino); Light, Shadow (Maria Clara Oliani, Sofia Buzzonetti); Natural Materials and Organic Architecture (Paul-Wilhelm Noelle); Cars (Alessia Gal-Peviani); and "Fireflies: Black Cities" (Victoria Valiati). All considered, the students did a great job meeting the multiple challenges of the new IB Exam Upload. They did a good job documenting their "journey" and their "process" as they completed their models and drawings over the two years of the course.